Monday, January 26, 2009

We Want a King

19 But the people refused to listen to Samuel. "No!" they said. "We want a king over us. 20 Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles." 1 Samuel 8: 19 – 20

Less than a week after President Obama took his oath of office, most of my fears about his presidency have been confirmed. I could probably spend the next four years criticizing President Obama and his administration just like so many others spent the last eight years criticizing President Bush and his administration.

However, just like the criticism of President Bush was misplaced, my criticism of President Omaba would also be misplaced. President Obama seems to be mostly doing what he was elected to do by a majority of the voters. The majority of Americans want to feel like their security and livelihood is in the hands of someone who is loved and popular throughout the world.

I could criticize President Obama, but the real culprit is the majority of Americans who need a wake up call before secular, and then Islamic, values become American values. America is catching up to Europe way too fast for my tastes.


The Count said...

Yes the American people are the ones responsible for the course of history that will result in electing Barack Obama.

Notably absent in all the post election hoopla is any discussion so far of "having faith in the American people". I have heard neither that this faith was crushed, nor was it restored. Perhaps it's just gone, replaced with a faith in the so-called experts no free to do as they please with the country.

His call to get beyond ideology is a call to embrace Obama and his administration.

It'a a scary time but I also have confidence that "the crowbar of events" will bludgeon Obama and his crew soon enough. My faith remains in God alone, ruler over all.

Buz said...

Two things:

(1) I am not positive that he will do what he was elected to do. I believe that he ran a campaign of vague generalities, and people heard what they wanted to hear. I think that most of the people who voted for him have no idea what he will really do.

(2) I am not sure that he was elected by a majority of the voters. I think that there was enough voter fraud that it will be impossible to know who was really elected.

Voter fraud is a great thing. If the person committing the fraud loses, then there is no reason to investigate because it did not work. And, if he wins, he can squash the investigation. It is a win-win situation ... unless you happen to be among the governed. But then again, the governed are morons. They need an intellectual leader to tell them what is good for them ... and thus the voter fraud is justified.


David M. Smith said...

Hi Buz,

I’m sure you are right. The actual vote total will never be known for any Presidential election and most other elections due to vote fraud, and government incompetence.

However, this is why I am a fan of the electoral college. Presidential elections are more about political power than actual vote counts. Vote fraud in Illinois or California or New York won’t turn an election. The winner in most States is predetermined so in the States that really matter, more attention can be paid to the process.

Do you believe fraud turned this election and we should have President McCain, not President Obama?

Buz said...

I am not sure it would matter that much ... although, it I certainly would have preferred Sarah Palin as VP.

I had a friend who was asking last fall, "Who are you going to vote for, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Obama, or Hillary McCain." Kind of reminded me of three-card Monty. It don't matter which one you put your money on, when they show you the card, you always lose.