Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So . . . we're going to have a tax cheat in charge of the IRS, a man instrumental in the pardoning of terrorists as top terrorism watchdog, and a woman whose husband gets tens of millions from foreign governments in charge of implementing foreign policy.


The Count said...


Rick and Gary said...

Hi David -- Well, I'll grant you that Geitner is a tax cheat, though he is only nominally in charge of the IRS and supposedly the best man for understanding the credit crisis, his real job. And that Bill Clinton is a sleaze, though protections are supposedly in place to prevent corruption. (I don't know who the new counter terrorism chief is)

In any case, I hope you'll give Obama credit for listening to Republicans on the stimulus package.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Rick,

How are you doing? What is the snow cover on Pikes Peek like this year? I bet it is breathtaking.

Eric Holder, the Attorney General nominee, is the counter terrorism chief.
“His nomination drew bitter opposition from relatives of victims killed in a series of bombings by the Puerto Rican nationalist group FALN, whose members were pardoned by Clinton over objections from the FBI in 1999. “
So far, the only thing I can give President Obama credit for is a graceful public image. Perhaps retaining Secretary Gates, perhaps dumping Bill Richardson from his cabinet, and perhaps inviting Pastor Rick Warren to his inauguration were good moves, but everything else he has done seems very unwise based on my view of wisdom. The Presidential Order to allow federal money to be spent on abortion counseling in foreign countries that result in abortions I would consider evil.

President Obama only needs a few easily bought Republicans to get his stimulus package passed. His meeting is just for show. Did you hear there are 200 Billion dollars in the plan for community organizing? Sheesh.

For the record, John McCain wouldn’t have been much better.

Rick and Gary said...

Hey David -- The snow on Pikes Peak has been stunning but I've been in Tucson for the last 10 days.

OK, Eric Holder was carrying water for Hillary, who wanted to pardon those terrorists to help her in her Senate bid. I guess Holder could have resigned in protest, but I don't think he wanted to pardon those terrorists.

RE the Obama meeting: “This was not a drive-by P.R. stunt, and I actually thought it might be. It was a substantive, in-depth discussion with our conference, and he’s very effective. He knows that the debt and the deficit are huge long-term problems as well and he made a compelling case. He sounded, frankly, a lot like a Republican,” - Representative Zach Wamp, Republican of Tennessee.

David M. Smith said...

Hi again Rick,

Some of the pundits who met with President Obama at the home of George Will were amazed at how President Obama could state the conservative arguments as well or better than most conservatives. Some also said President Obama claimed to be a regular reader of their columns.

So tell me, what is worse; not understanding conservative free market arguments or understanding the free market arguments and still rejecting the arguments in favor of federal spending and regulations?

I suppose we could have someone worse as President. At least President Obama is not Gore, Kerry, Reed, or Pelosi. : - )

Rick and Gary said...

I don't think he Obama rejects free-market arguments. But we all realize that free markets have to be tempered by some regulation and that the business cycle should be smoothed out by fiscal policy. It's a question of what mix generates the best economic growth.

I'm guessing that the stimulus plan is skewed too much to spending and not enough on middle-class tax cuts. But I really don't know. Certainly, tax cuts don't stimulate people who don't pay taxes anyway because they don't have a job.

David M. Smith said...

Hi again Rick,

What are the free market principles in the current so-called stimulus plan passed by congress?

To me, it looks like a larger version of President Clinton’s first plan; lots of payoffs to political supporters.

People who don’t pay taxes don’t create jobs and don’t produce much. Giving money to people who don’t pay taxes is creating a permanent class dependant on government.

Permanent tax cuts allow the market to function where producers, not government and government dependents, are rewarded.

I agree with you that the American economy does need some regulation. However, to me, we are still over regulated, not under regulated. I still believe the current recession was caused by government regulation and government interference in the home loan industry.

Buz said...

Admit it ... you're just bitter because Obama did not appoint you to some lush cabinette position where you ignore the laws that govern the rest of us.

Ain't it great! We so much want to be like Europe, we have developed our own aristocracy. Pretty soon we can just rename them the house of Lords. I so hope we have a Ministry of Silly Walks.