Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Déjà vu not named Hillary

I don’t want a President of the United States who will say and do whatever it takes to become President. A good President needs to have a soul and an ideology beyond getting elected.

Mitt Romney may have won the Michigan Primary last night, and he may have improved his chances for obtaining the Republican nomination, but he also may have revealed his true colors, and in effect, diminished his chances for the nomination.

It doesn’t matter how many times Romney is described as a true conservative by the conservative establishment, he still looks like Bill Clinton to me, and after his speeches in Michigan last week, I am beginning to think Romney and our former President are interchangeable. Both are professional panderers. Romney, just like former President Clinton, seems more concerned with getting elected than with advancing freedom and justice.

The term “conservative” may not mean the same thing to everyone, but if the term “conservative” doesn’t include the value of honesty, then I am not a conservative, true or otherwise. I suspect there are many other voters like myself who are finding Mitt Romney harder and harder to vote for because truthfulness is more important than being on the winning side.


The Count said...

I didn't watch the debates- what bothered you so much? His big government fix for Detroit? Please elaborate.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Count,

Thanks for asking!

It was Romney’s big government solution for Michigan that bothered me the most. A small government economic policy that is good for the rest of the country will also be good for Michigan. The people of Arkansas and California and other states should not be bailing out the auto industry. For years, the average Michigan union worker made more money than doctors in some southern states and now when it’s time to pay the piper they are crying for help and Romney told them just what they wanted to hear, that the federal government was there to help, not the truth.