Monday, January 21, 2008

Anecdotal Irony

I was sitting in my reclining chair last night watching the third coldest football game in the history of the NFL on FOX feeling that perhaps the Global Warming zealots had suffered a serious blow to their religious beliefs when I decide to check CBS during a commercial time out. Apparently, the true believers at CBS just can’t be dissuaded by actual weather since they decided to air a rebroadcast of their show “The Age of Warming”. Did CBS get purchased by the Comedy Network when I wasn’t paying attention? You can’t make this stuff up. Even the fellow believers at NBC had to admit this morning on the Today Show that a larger percentage of the United States was below 10 degree Fahrenheit than ever before.

Of course anecdotal evidence like a football game in Green Bay in the middle of January doesn’t disprove the current theory of man-made Global Warming. However, anecdotal evidence like a retreating glacier in the Andes Mountains of Peru doesn’t prove the theory of man-made Global Warming either. Glaciers have expanded and retreated throughout History and always will. Football games in Green Bay in the middle of January have produced some great athletic spectacles throughout NFL history and always will.


Buz said...

A friend has given me his old copies of Discover magazine. I was reading an article entitled "Science and Islam" where the author was trying to show that the (successful) Islmaic scientists (i.e. the ones who were not banned from universities or put in jail for their research) were ones who put religion ahead of scientific inquiry.

I was not terribly surprized by the story.

In that same issue was an article about a Danish scientist whose research was looking at the sun as the root cause of global warming (imagine that ... that 40,000,000,000 degree 1,000,000 mile wide ball of burning hydrogen a mere 93 million miles away might cause our little rock here to warm up ... unbelievable). One of the first things mentioned in the article was the amount of trouble he is running into from other "scientists" because he is diverging from the holy doctrine that MAN is causing global warming.

I can't believe that the editor of Discover could not see the parallel between the two religions, Islam and Global Warming, and their impact on science.


David M. Smith said...

Hi Buz,

Another anecdotal irony, huh?

I have such respect for real science. I try to teach my girls to develop a theory and then test the theory on a small or inexpensive scale and then move on to a full test to verify the results.

So much of the theory of evolution is based on blind, untested faith, yet the people who believe we descended from primordial soup don’t understand why the rest of us would dare question “the science”. Global warming theory is no different.

I get whiplash listening to the global warming proponents especially now since we are having one of the longest and coldest southern California winters in memory. It seems like the rest of the country, and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is also having a cold winter. Oh well.

Buz said...

Well, you know, Global Warming doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to get warm, it means ... um, that, uh ... well it means that you should raise goats rather than have a gasoline powered lawnmower because, um, well, uh ... well gasoline is evil. Yeah, that's what it means. Just ask Al Gore. I mean sure he jets around the country burning up more gasoline in one trip that the entire state of Kansas uses in a year, but he is truely sorry that he has to do that.


He did have the EPA working on an electric airplane, but the extension cords kept getting tangled up on the runway.

Yeah, that's the ticket!