Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Regarding Gibson

A few thoughts:

I never realized how many people hate Mel Gibson. I can understand not liking him. I can even concur with those who are denouncing what he said. However, the hatred towards Mel Gibson seems irrational to me. If Mel Gibson is hated so much just for making a movie about Christ, just imagine how much Christ was hated for how he lived and what he said.

Some people keep claiming that alcohol is a truth serum when discussing the Gibson matter. According to these self-appointed social experts, the true heart of a person is revealed through the consumption of alcohol. Really? Bars and night clubs are not exactly dens of honesty. Actually, truth and liquor go together about like hot sauce and ice cream. Someone who is drunk has the potential to make a slip of the tongue and reveal an offensive personal belief, but most drunks, most of the time, blabber the first thought that pops into their head, whether they believe it or not. Alcohol reduces inhibitions, but it does not reveal truths.

Roman Polanski fled the United States after being indicted for raping a 13-year-old girl, yet he still makes movies and receives awards from the filmmaking industry. Woddy Allen had an affair and then married the daughter of the lady who fathered his biological son and was also accused of molesting other children, yet he is still a revered filmmaker. Mel Gibson seems way too normal for most of Hollywood. All he did was say something stupid which has led to many, many, others saying things that are just as stupid.


Derek Simmons said...

Scotch, neat; chocolate almond ice cream (hold the Chololo) and the truth will out.

David M. Smith said...


Is that a bloody-marry hybrid sundae thing? I’ve led a sheltered life compared to you!

Rick and Gary said...

The Romans said, "En vino, veritas." On the other hand, vodka can make me irrationally belligerent.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Rick,

A few days ago a lady told me gin makes her belligerent.

I think there is some truth to the Roman saying, but I don’t think it is absolutely true. Marine Officers are not supposed to fraternize with enlisted Marines, but when I was a Marine, it was acceptable for an Officer to buy an enlisted Marine a few drinks with the goal of getting the enlisted Marine to talk openly without the worry of repercussions. The fermented beverage was an ice breaker that usually served a noble purpose. However, it’s crazy to think someone is more truthful when they are very drunk.