Friday, August 04, 2006

Look at 1930

A Bit of History for Global Warmers


People sweltering from a heat wave in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. might find cold comfort in the fact that the temperatures of the past few days are not the hottest on record. That "honor" belongs to a summer 76 years ago -- decades before the controversy over "man-made global warming" began. "That summer has never been approached, and it's not going to be approached this year."

But Michaels noted that high temperatures are common in the middle of the summer. "Climatologically, the last week in July is the warmest week of the year on average, and when the atmospheric flow patterns get into anomalously warm configurations during this time of the year, temperatures will skyrocket," he said.

"Big cities are getting warmer -- with or without global warming -- because the bricks and the buildings and the pavement retain heat," Michaels added. For that reason, he prefers to compare temperatures in nearby rural areas. "There's been very little change" in those areas, "so we trust the record to be a reliable indicator of base climate."


Rick and Gary said...

Also, the predicted number of intense hurricanes this year has been downgraded from 5 to 3, because "Atlantic sea surface temperatures are not quite as warm and surface pressure is not quite as low. Also, the eastern equatorial Pacific has warmed some and trade winds in the tropical Atlantic are slightly stronger."

Gee, can weather be MORE boring and complicated ;-)

Buz said...

David, David, David ... you just don't understand, do you? We're all going to DIE!! It might be from tornados, volcanos, air crashes or terrorists!!!!!!!! But WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE . We should be cringing in our cellars ... unless we are to die by FLOOD, then we should be camping on our roofs. Watch the TV news, they'll tell us how we will die. Suspend the rest of your life and watch 24 hours a day, lest you miss that critical announcement!!!!!!!!!! Beware that Twinkie, it will KILL YOU ... eat an apple instead, it will still KILL YOU, only not as fast. Don't use cell phones, they will give you BRAIN CANCER. Don't eat popcorn, it will KILL YOU.

[The preceeding announcement was brought to you by CNN and CNN Headline News ... have a nice day, but you will still DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


David M. Smith said...

Someday, science may even be ably to verify the link between Caps overuse and mass suicide.

Good to hear from you Buz!

Rick and Gary said...

Gee, and Buz's comment really anticipates CNN's "Target USA" Here's a transcription of their promo:

Wolf Blitzer: "All day long, CNN has been reporting on homeland security, and efforts to target the United States..."
Miles O'Brien: "We're calling it 'Target: USA'...
Daryn Kagan: "How safe are we here? Target: USA, special coverage, right here on CNN."
Paula Zahn: "We are taking an in-depth look at where America is most vulnerable..."
Expert dude at map: "Over 6,000 power plants..."
Voice: "The subways. The buses...."
Voice: "Railroad lines..."
Voice: "The ferries..."
Voice: "A 4,000 mile Canadian-US border..." (okay, that was probably Lou Dobbs)
Guy in boat: "It's an easy way to slip into the United States undetected."
Guy on airport tarmac near luggage carts: "...And you can see anybody could come up to any of these, and put anything inside them..."
Expert dude: "And look at the shopping centers. This is the big issue..."
Very serious-looking correspondent: "If you build a better mousetrap — the terrorists will build a better mouse."