Sunday, September 11, 2005


The mayor of New Orleans blames the Governor of Louisiana and the President of the United States for everything that went wrong in his city during hurricane Katrina, but he insists that the rebuilding effort should be done by the citizens of New Orleans under his control.

Most liberals and many conservatives who have been staunchly opposed to the Patriot Act because someone from the government might find out what books someone is reading are now insisting the Federal government must have complete and absolute control over the citizens of a state during a natural disaster.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry who predicted the flooding in New Orleans have been on television bragging about how accurate they predicted the disaster and how FEMA and the Federal government ignored all of their warnings. Conveniently though, not a word is mentioned about how these predictions were wrong about the number of deaths caused by Katrina. Either God intervened, or the Federal government response was incredible, or their predictions were completely wrong.

One thing is for certain; disasters sure expose the blabber and the blabberers!

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