Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dead Trees and Beautiful Daughters

I've been tagged... by Bonnie at Off the top to answer a few questions about my book reading life.

I’m embarrassed to say, but I guess not too embarrassed to write, that I don’t spend much time with dead trees these days. My wife thinks I’m trying to kill the ficus tree in our back yard, but that’s a different story. I honestly don’t remember the last book I bought or the last book I read cover to cover. I have been reading to my daughters for the last six or seven years. The youngest is finishing kindergarten this year and she is turning in to a voracious reader who would rather read to me than have me read to her.

My favorite book from this period in my life is Goose and the Mountain Lion. It is a work of precision word-smithing by Marion Harris and beautifully illustrated by Jim Harris. It was a gift to my daughters from their grandmother who passed away in January which adds to why I think it is so special.

My second favorite book is Elmo's Counting Game. I had a lot of fun talking like Elmo as I read the book to my girls and they learned how to count.

I won’t be tagging any of my blogging buddies. No need in embarrassing any other computer-only readers.


Bonnie said...

David, your answer is wonderful! Thanks for "playing" :-)

PS Take care of that ficus

Hammertime said...

"Max's First Word", by Rosemary Wells, would be in mine, David. How can you beat a book that repeats, "'Bang', said Max."? You can't, at least not according to my 20 month old!