Thursday, June 09, 2005

Artful Criticism

Last week I posted this piece where I described this post from The Internet Monk as my favorite post of all time.

In his piece, The Internet Monk laments the inability of most Christians to be effective critics. He believes that a major reason most Christians don’t have the skills necessary to effectively criticize anything is because most Christians don’t practice and develop the skills needed to be effective.

Today, I want to highlight my second favorite post of all time. The honorable mention goes to Rob Asghar at Dime Store Guru for his brilliant two-part piece describing a letter of criticism he wrote to a social justice minister. In ”questions for a social-justice minister” and then ”More questions for the social-justice champion” Rob is not only effective in making his points, he turns his written criticism into a work of art. I especially like the way Rob affirms as he criticizes. As I read his pieces, I realized I needed to rethink some of my own assumptions as I vacillated between agreement and disagreement. The letter may have been written for someone else, but it hit home with me. Hopefully, I can someday learn to emulate Rob's technique.

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Hammertime said...

Rob is sharp. I need to emulate his method as well. Excellent post he put together - thanks for pointing us to it!