Friday, September 23, 2011

Do Americans want to be free people?

Anything and everything worth doing takes effort, time and money to get done. Nothing has ever been free and nothing will ever be free. Everything has a cost.

Free people pay their own way, sometimes with saved money and occasionally with borrowed money. Dependent people expect others to pay for the things they want.

Do Americans want to be free people?

If we want to be free, we can’t continue to punish hard work through higher taxes and we can’t continue to reward laziness through entitlements.


Kevin said...

I sure hope Americans want to be free -- it'd save me the big problem of having to create a new country and everything. :)

What I find frustrating is that Obama says something like "rich people should not pay less taxes than everyone else" which is reasonable but the law he proposes and that Congress will pass is some ridiculous Alternative Minimum Tax or increased tax on "the rich" across the board rather than eliminating loopholes and complexity and flattening the rate.

I saw a clip of Thomas Sowell recently where he said, "There was a time when most Americans would feel insulted to have it thought that they want someone else to pay their medical bills. They don't feel so insulted anymore."

But there's a resurgence of classical liberalism that I find heartening. Hopefully we're on the verge of that upswing.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Kevin,

I hope you are right. I can't imagine this President being reelected, but since elections rarely turn out like I imagine, I am not so confident.

Anonymous said...

Hey, David:

Long time, no post! Anyway, I agree with you here. To go further, I think a great many Americans, including many who think of themselves as conservative, are extremely muddled in their views. On the one hand, they'll advocate the return of a Constitutional government, but they'll then scream as loudly when any mention is made of bringing a gradual end to a clearly un-Constitutional Social Security system.

I'm afraid we're swiftyly moving to a point, though, where these discussions are academic. I don't believe there is anything to prevent Great Depression 2.0. My only hope is that we will return to something much more in line with the ordered liberty ideas of many of our founders in the wake of this impending financial collapse.

David Smith

P.S. - We got your Christmas card. You all look great, and I can't believe how the girls have grown!

David M. Smith said...

Hi Dave,

Good to hear from you.

I can't predict the future, but I do know that no trend will last forever. Hopefully, this is the year the course for our nation gets reversed.

I agree with you about Social Security.

If I can find your e-mail address, I will send you a note.