Friday, December 28, 2007

Appropriate Reaction

Doesn’t it seem like the News and commentary regarding the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is out of proportion to the significance of the event?

Ralph Peters has a Contrarian view of former Prime Minister Bhutto’s significance to the democratization of Pakistan.


Kevin said...

Interesting article; thanks for sharing it.

I haven't kept up on the news recently, though to the extent that I am aware of Bhutto, it seems that I was more familiar with her rhetoric. So it's interesting to read that her actions were rather contrary to her words, and thus ironic that she was presumably killed for her rhetoric.

One consistent message seems to be that Musharraf is not that bad and that democracy may best take a back seat to stabilizing the country. Some even argue that the majority would pursue an oppressive Islamic theocracy.

So, I appreciate Peters' positive outlook that Bhutto's death will actually cause a backlash against al Qaeda, et al., which will ultimately support democracy and its commonly associated freedoms.


David M. Smith said...

Thanks Kevin,

You always add a great comment. : - )