Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Joe's EO 100

Imagine my surprise at being listed in Joe Carter’s EO 100 list of Christian blogs.

Joe has once again displayed uncommon grace and graciousness by including microbes [like me] on his list.

He listed some really great blogs and writers. I have no illusion that I belong on such a list other than to know there is room in Christian blogging for someone who doesn’t belong with the big guys, but can still sometimes bring a unique perspective to Christian thinking.

I am also encouraged that so many of the sites I visit and include in my sidebar are included in Joe’s list.


The Count said...

Congratulations David! You are indeed a gem #39.

David M. Smith said...

Thanks Count,

My wife also thinks I am a gem; why just this morning she said my head is as hard as a diamond. Two compliments in one day is almost too much for me to take.

Dean McConnell said...

Congradulations David! Your blog IS great.

I am also happy to be linked on at least one of the top 100 blogs.

David M. Smith said...

Thank you Donald; you are too kind.

Lisa and I both think you are the best writer we know. We remember how good you were at teaching Sunday school, but we had no idea you were such a scholarly and clear writer.

Just about anyone can comment on current events, but very few can go into the history and nuances of complicated issues like you. You are the real thing.

Buz said...

My hat is off to you, David.

You certainly belong on that list. You keep your blog interesting and you garner a lot of responses from others.

I have always enjoyed reading not only your point of view, but I have also found the topics you choose to highlight quite interesting.

Again, congratulations.


David M. Smith said...

Thanks, Buz.

I am delighted that you are a faithful participant with me here.

My purpose in writing is to make sure that the thoughts bouncing around in my head still makes sense when I try to explain my thoughts using words. You and others who leave comments here challenge me in a way that either confirms I am making sense or lets me know I need to spend more time on the drawing board. Thanks!