Thursday, March 08, 2007

Winning the Lottery

According to George Will:
Conservatism comes in many flavors. None seems perfect for every conservative's palate; most should be satisfactory to most conservatives.

Conceptually, I agree with George Will. No voter is going to get everything they want in a candidate. We always have to accept a candidate who has at least one or two positions we consider frivolous or even wrong.

However, just as the current crop of American Idol contestants are way below the standards set in the Idol contest over the last few years, and none seem to have what it takes to be the next Idol, at this point, none of the current crop of Presidential candidates seem to have what will be needed to follow President Bush as President.

Most of the serious contenders have an attribute that is attractive to large blocks of voters. Barrack Obama is articulate, John McCain is a war hero, Hillary Clinton is a serious woman, Rudy Giuliani is confident, and Mitt Romney is congenial, but which one of these candidates possesses a package of abilities? None if you ask me!

Perhaps as the process unfolds, a strong leader and a good man or woman will emerge, but at this point, the likelihood of that happening seems about the same as me winning the lottery.


Rick and Gary said...

Don't forget Newt!

David M. Smith said...

Hi Rick,

There are quite a few who want to be president who I didn’t mention. Newt is on the bubble. He’s not sure he is going to run, and I’m not sure he is in the top tier. He would probably finish second in a lot of primaries. I like Newt more than most, but he also has issues that lessen his package.

But you knew that, didn't you? : - )

Buz said...


I have been thinking about throwing my hat in the ring ... for the 2016 elections.

I remember when elections started sometime between March and June ... of the year of the election. At this point it feels like we have been in one continuous campaign since about 1998.

The concept of a monarchy is becoming more attractive with every political sound-bite.

I am not sure but I think that may be a part of the plan. Get everyone so sick and fed-up with ALL the political campaigns that only the most insane of people will not be drowned in an ocean of apathy. Then all the truly rabid folk will rush to the polls on election day and the lunatics can take over.

Or has that already happened?


Buz said...

One thing that my candidates need to know is that I absolutely refuse to vote for anyone who is pro-abortion. I do not care if the budget, the congress, or the state of the free world is at stake. I strongly believe that if a candidate does not have the moral compass to defend the innocent then that person does not have the moral sense to make any other critical decisions ... and is not worthy of my vote.


David M. Smith said...

Hi Buz,

I’m not going to go quite as far as you, but I’m close. I don’t think I will ever vote for a candidate who is not pro-life, but it is possible because some of the Democratic candidates are so far left. I would vote against John Edwards or Al Gore without regard to who their opponent is. My vote may just be a symbolic finger in the dam.

A candidate’s views on abortion tells me just about all I need to know about their heart and their views on global warming tells me all I need to know about their head. Republicans and Democrats have become a sorry bunch without much heart or brains.

Buz said...

buz said...

Sorry, looks like it got truncated. + abolition1.htm