Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No Longer Biased

In the Los Angeles area, all of the three major broadcast networks air their national News segment from 6:30 until 7:00 PM nightly. Occasionally, I will watch the national News by toggling between the three networks. For years I have marveled (ahem) at how all three networks seem to tell the same stories in about the same order in about the same way.

For years I have also observed national News broadcasts that don’t fairly represent my point of view. As someone who is right of center, I can’t get too upset about any news organization making a profit by appealing to viewers with different opinions than my own. After all, I believe companies should take care of their customers. People with my point of view probably wouldn’t make up much of a customer base anyway for a network News show.

Lately, however, I’ve noticed a subtle change in how the News is reported by the major Networks. Reporting the news from a left leaning perspective does not seem to me to be the modus operandi anymore. The major Networks seem to have gone from having a bias to actively promoting an anti-war, anti-capitalism point of view. The Networks have actually become propagandists for socialism.

Last night, the story about the gender discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart did not get reported as a legal decision by a judge, it got reported as a guilty company trying to mitigate the damages caused by the lawsuit. The story about the deaths from friendly fire in Iraq did not get reported as an accident during a time of war, it got reported as two guilty pilots who were lucky enough to not be charged with killing a fellow soldier.

I guess the irresponsible use of freedom is sometimes an offshoot of freedom. Thankfully, there are other, more reasonable, voices besides NBCABCCBS in America.

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