Thursday, November 02, 2006

Perrier Swishing Senator Kerry

Senator Kerry or anyone else on the campaign trail could easily garble a few lines of prepared text. Misspeaking is quite easy for most people, even when not on the campaign trail. Apologizing once a misspoken error becomes public is just as easy.

However, when Senator Kerry makes a statement regarding the military during a political campaign, his statement is immediately newsworthy because he was the most recent Presidential nominee of his party and because he has a track record of accusing the military of atrocities. This doesn’t mean everything he says is wrong, but for veterans and active duty military, the statements of Senator Kerry are often insulting.

What Senator Kerry actually said is possibly more indicative of his true beliefs than what he meant to say. The reaction of other candidates is also newsworthy because some candidates in both parties have contempt for anyone common enough to join the military.

Many are now claiming that insulting our Commander-In-Chief passes as a valid excuse for Senator Kerry’s insults. Senator Kerry’s unwillingness to apologize without continuing to insult the United States military and the Commander-In-Chief is worse than his original gaff. Perhaps military veterans have a better understanding of what it takes to establish and maintain this country than all of the Perrier swishers in media and government.


Anonymous said...

Having gone to Duke and a boarding prep school, I'm all too familiar with school snobs like Kerry and Gore. They give a bad name to education and knowledge.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Rick,

I agree. I love going to school. I love taking tests, and I love education, both formal and informal. I hope to go back to college along with my daughters. Formal education is one path to success, but not the only path.

Snobs are not new and not isolated to northeast liberal schools, Duke, and USC. Thirty years ago at the University of Arkansas I got to experience plenty of people just like Senator Kerry who felt entitled to the best life had to offer. Sadly, thirty years ago I wanted what they had. Now, I’m very thankful for the side of the tracks I was born on.