Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Beginning of the End of the PCUSA?

Mark D. Roberts has posted his thoughts on today's General Assembly two historic votes.


Hammertime said...

I wasn't sure how to comment on Mark Roberts' blog, or I would have put this there, too.

I am much more concerned with a different vote made at the PCUSA General Assembly: that to accept the paper, "The Trinity: God's Love Overflowing." This piece promotes describing the Trinity in such terms as, "Rainbow, Ark and Dove," "Speaker, Word and Breath," "Overflowing Font, Living Water and Flowing River," "Compassionate Mother, Beloved Child and Life-Giving Womb," "Sun, Light and Burning Ray," "Giver, Gift and Giving," "Lover, Beloved and Love," "Rock, Cornerstone and Temple," "Fire that Consumes, Sword that Divides and Storm that Melts Mountains," and "The One Who Was, The One Who Is and The One Who Is to Come."

It continues in an attempt to justify itself by noting that the teaching and regard for the Trinity has diminished (with which I agree), but then preposterously states that the church "should not insist on the exclusive use of the traditional trinitarian names, lest we quench the Spirit and even foster idolatry."

Right. Lots of idolatry has come from using the names of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Whatever.

The PCUSA is a lost cause. Interestingly, Al Mohler had Mark Roberts on his show yesterday. I am headed over to listen to it now to see what they discussed.

Here's the link.

D. Olsen said...

My solution - Become Catholic. That will show them (those PCUSA'ers). Or at least my parents. Just kidding -it was extremely rewarding/thrilling experience.