Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Everything You Know Is Wrong

We need more John Stossel's in our world!

Everything you know is wrong.

But the main reason we think there is an epidemic is that the media, suspicious of technology, hype dubious risks.

Almost every week, there is another story about a potential menace. Reporters credulously accept the activists' scares: While I've been a reporter, I've been asked to do alarmist reports about hair dye, dry cleaning, coffee, chewing gum, saccharin, cyclamates, NutraSweet, nitrites, Red No. 2 dye, electric blankets, video display terminals, dental fillings, cellular phones, vaccines, potato chips, farmed salmon, Teflon, antiperspirants and even rubber duckies.

I refused to do most of those stories. If one-tenth of what the reporters suggested was happening did happen, there would be mass death. The opposite is true: Despite exposure to radiation and all those nasty new chemicals, Americans today live longer than ever.

So grab a bar of chocolate (it's healthier than you think, if you eat the right kind) and a copy of my new book, just out this week.

Everything you know is wrong -- and that's very good news.


Teresa said...

I like John Stossel too. If we think about it, most everything in the world is TOTALLY blown out of proportion--including the church.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Teresa,

You have a bit of contrarian in you too. We should form a group and elect Mr. Stossel President. Would we have contentious or peaceful convention?

I wish I had more ideas and suggestions to fix the Church problems. From my perspective, I think there are many big churches that are designed to be big and being big is the highest priority. Very sad.

How are you doing? Are you going to start writing more?

Did you see my Church for Men stuff?