Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Most sources of information and opinion are one way communication. Newspapers and Television News programs present selected facts using words that convey value judgments in order to make a certain impression. Speeches, sermons, direct mail, on-line and dead tree publications are all very similar. One person or an organization of people tell others what they should know and think without ever being challenged on the facts or the conclusion of their message.

As someone who believes I can usually draw my own conclusions and as someone who believes most thinking people can draw their own conclusions based on the facts, I prefer dialogue to monologue. This is one of the reasons I find going to Church so difficult. Way too many Pastors include way too much editorial opinion in way too many parts of their sermons without giving listeners an opportunity to respond.

For me, talk radio and blogs are superior forms of communicating information and opinion because ideas and beliefs get challenged in ways that facilitate iron sharpening iron. Ideas, beliefs, and opinions that withstand critical challenges rise to the top while opinions that are refuted by thoughtful challenges get discarded.

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