Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Feminization of the Church

Hat Tip: A Team

Why Its Music, Messages and Ministries Are Driving Men Away:

"Men’s absence is especially noteworthy, they said, given that men were a strong force in the early church."

"In America, among evangelical churches, 57 percent of members are women and, among mainline Protestant churches, 66 percent are women, according to a 1998 book American Evangelicalism (University of Chicago Press).

About 23 percent of married women attend without their husbands, according to Murrow.

The men who do attend show less commitment, including less participation in Sunday School, small groups and service activities, according to Barna. Men also report less practice of spiritual disciplines like tithing, Bible reading, evangelism and prayer."

"Yet, because churches have more women, Murrow believes their stereotypical strengths are more valued — and are even seen as more godly. Masculine strengths are often seen as unneeded or as threats to the peaceful status quo, he said.

Johnstone believes the feminization of the church reflects a feminization of the larger culture.

“Our whole society has tended to deprive men of their biblical and creational strengths and empower women,” Johnstone said.

As a result, many people think of church only as a nurturing place that addresses personal needs, Pearcey said. Think: sitting in circles, sharing feelings, holding hands, singing softly, comforting members."


Anonymous said...

If this topic is of more than a passing interest to you--and I highly suspect that it is--then two books are a must. The first is "mustier" than the second because it is by a woman--what other of the various genders society now recognizes could get away with it? And also because it's research focuses on the American Church. As to the second, its title tells all that its subtitle doesn't.
1. The Feminization of America, by Ann Douglas ISBN 0374525587;and
2. The Decline of Males, by Lionel Tiger ISBN 0312263112
If these aren't good for a couple of "contrarian" blogs, I don't know what are.
Derek Simmons

David M. Smith said...

Thanks Derek,

Would wife’s of husband’s who are already convinced be interested in either book?

[That loud swoosh sign was me ducking!]