Monday, March 20, 2006

Cheap Talk

Talk is cheap!

In the corporate world, leaders are admired, leadership is honored, but followers get promoted. It’s almost comical how corporate executives can use the terms “leadership” and “standard practices” in the same sentence without feeling any sense of irony.

In the corporate world, customer service is proclaimed, the customer is the king, but the lowest paid employees are the ones who interact with the customers. If the customer really is king, why are the lowest paid entry level employees most responsible for handling customer matters? If the customer really is king, why does the corporate executive move further and further from the customer as he or she gets promoted?

In the corporate world, planning is essential for growth, executing plans the mantra, but cutting costs, especially employee costs, the most common practice. Why do the employees who are least responsible for poorly laid plans the most responsible for paying the cost of the poor plans?

Corporate talk really is cheap!

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