Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pastor Left Turn

I am often chastised by my lovely wife for having a style of communication that is inappropriately caustic. On occasion, she does have a point. However, this post by Steve Camp about Rick Warren and Global Warming takes sarcasm to an entirely new level. It makes me feel downright amiable. It is also astute and well worth reading.


Puritan Belief said...

Goes to show that it a narrow road. How easy is it to become enchanted to follow another.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Correy,

Nobody is perfect. Rick Warren has been on my radar for about 10 years. I even drove 30 miles a week for about a year to attend services at Saddleback. I rate him about 95% right. Purpose Driven Life is also about 95% right on, but the other 5% is very strange. At this point, I still think he is a good man that has taken a wrong turn and I am bothered by his cult status. We should probably be praying for him.

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