Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More ONE

Pastor Roberts continues his fair and balanced evaluation of the goals and methods of the ONE Campaign here, here, and here .

His analysis asks many good questions and raises just as many valid concerns. I was hoping for more definitive answers from him, but I am grateful for the way he has systematically thought through the major issues regarding ONE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to link to Dr. Roberts' blog on this subject. You both have blogs worthy of wider readership, and links seem a good way to accomplish that.
While I understand your disappointment at not seeing a series from Dr. Roberts as conclusive as it was balanced, I think you must have momentarily forgotten the academy through which he--and most pastors--must climb before they are "Dr.Rev."s. It is not an intellectual environment these days conducive to authority or truth claims, whether properly capitalized or not. What used to be the purview of the law--"on the one hand..........;on the other hand...."is now the dominant "both/and" mode of thought and speech delivered from the locus where a pulpit used to stand.
Keep on sharpening that iron.

Your Brother in Christ,
Derek Simmons

David M. Smith said...

Hi Derek,

Thanks for the compliment. I wish I had more time to write.

One of the attributes of wisdom is the ability to discern when to make a definitive statement and when not to make a definitive statement. From my perspective, throughout Christendom and other areas of punditry, way too many definitive statements get made about issues that are clearly debatable. This is one of the problems I have with Pastors’ in general and especially Evangelical Pastors’.

Therefore, I really appreciate the temperance in most of what Pastor Roberts writes. However, I also can’t help but think that he knows the answers to at least some of the questions he has posed since he seems to be such a clear thinker. Perhaps he is leading the horses to water without forces them to drink.