Friday, October 28, 2005

Why Men Would Rather Stay Home on Sunday

Mike at Eternal Perspectives has written a great post named The Emasculated Church with excerpts from a book by Robert Hicks titled Uneasy Manhood.

As much as I love being contrarian, sometimes I need to know I am not completely alone in my observations and views. This post made my day because it gives me hope that other men recognize the problem and are starting to do something about it. (HT:Blogotional)


Teresa said...

I agree that we all need someone, or some that think as we do. I need the same thing although you know that I don't agree with you on this. I honestly think that it is men whinning and making exuses.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Teresa,

Did you read the piece?

It helped me understand more even though I have been thining about this subject for a long time.

Hammertime said...

I read the piece. It has an aura of truth, but in the end fails to address something important:

The American cultural image of rugged individualism is not supposed to fit into the church. Demanding that the church conform to American culture is not a good plan.

However, there are aspects worth considering, especially that al men want to part of something bigger than themselves. When that "something" is difficult to see, we do become disappointed with our churhes, regardless of our spiritual maturity. I'll comment more later - gotta go.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Hammer,

Great to hear from you. How are you doing? See today’s post for a response to your comment.

Hammertime said...

Things are going well - my final exams are finished in two weeks, and passing Greek is not yet certain. My other two classes are pretty much in the bag.

I'm tired all the time, busy beyond measure, and have little time to post. However, the grace of Christ Jesus compels me onward, and I can do aught but obey.