Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More Blabber

There sure are a lot of commentators who worship at the church of Saint Ronald Reagan [the Ronald Reagan who nominated Sandra Day O’Connor to sit on the Supreme Court; the Sandra Day O’Connor who has been just as likely to legislate from the bench in favor of the liberal position as judge the law from the bench according the intent of the legislators who wrote the law] who are now outraged that a mere mortal like President Bush would have the audacity to nominate anyone who does not have a proven track record of conservative activism. I wonder if being a conservative means having a very selective memory of the accomplishments and failures of the patron saints.

I have to include President Bush as a Blabberer today also. It doesn’t ring true to me that Ms. Miers is the best possible person to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. If President Bush would claim that she is the surest bet to judge the law and not make law, it would sound more believable. However, there are many more judges and lawyers who are more accomplished and have more of a proven track record than Ms. Miers.

It is also a bit troubling that President Bush is asking everyone who voted for him to trust his judgment in the nomination of Ms. Miers. I do trust his judgment, but I also wonder why he didn’t have a wider circle of advisors who he trusted in order to choose a nominee who would uphold his campaign promise and be more popular with the conservative establishment.

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