Friday, September 16, 2005

A big hit

Self reliance and personal responsibility took a big hit last night in the speech of President Bush from New Orleans. I admire the boldness of our President. However, I strongly disagree with where the recovery plan is almost certain to lead. A lesser President would have said the right things without making any commitments. This President made a commitment that he will keep.

The size of the Katrina disaster requires a Federal government response. The people who have been displaced need to be replaced and the city of New Orleans needs to be rebuilt in a way that will prevent or at least lessen future Hurricane damage. However, the recovery plan sounds like one big never-ending welfare plan.

Reasonable people always make plans based on reasonable expectations. If there is a reasonable expectation that there is some risk associated with a decision, reasonable people are less likely to make the risky decision. If there is no risk, or if the insurance policy is provided without charge by the government, the dynamics of the decision process change. No-Go decisions become Go decisions.

In planning for the future, it has now become reasonable to expect the Federal government to restore any losses in a natural disaster. This expectation will cause more people to take a risk in Hurricane zones and increase the size of future disasters. It also means that those of us who don’t take the risk will be paying for those who do. How fair is that?


Hammertime said...

Responsibility is indeed a difficult message to build political control on. If we keep in mind that many Democrats are not social-liberal Democrats, but instead entitlement Democrats, we see how it gets harder.

The POTUS took an easier route than he could have. I think that the populace yearns for a leader who demands personal responsiblity in every fashion - economic, immigration, faith, and health - but we are a quiet group.

It's hard to let the man know that there are legions of us when the press is only interested in putting people on who complain that the government needs to "do something."

David M. Smith said...

Hi Hammer,

I’ve been wondering if President Bush is trying to keep his major goals on track by appeasing his critics with his Katrina proposals. I doubt it though. He wouldn’t say anything he didn’t believe and he has ended up being much more of a “big government” leader than I had hoped.

Even if he didn’t intend to, I think his Katrina proposals do help with the war effort and Supreme Court effort by at least taking a little wind out of the sales of his opponents.