Sunday, July 03, 2005

Exporting Poverty

Practically every problem in the world is caused by some people wanting (coveting) the possessions of others and then finding a way to take those possessions through legal and illegal means. Poverty, AIDS, and starvation are worse in Africa than the rest of the world because most of the countries in Africa do not have any type of protections for private property. No country in Africa has ever had real civil rights, but the countries that once had some form of law protecting private property have been moving in the wrong direction. Zimbabwe is now completely destroyed and South Africa is steadily getting worse.

The leaders of the countries in Africa have stolen to the point where there is practically nothing left to steal. The citizens of the African countries follow their leaders in taking what they want from each other including sex from others who are not their spouse. The problem in all of Africa is institutionalized thievery. Africans can feed themselves and avoid AIDS if their possessions and spouses were protected by law.

Americans could be a big help to the African people if the G8 governments would insist upon private property rights in Africa and then enforce those new private property rights. In other words, the solution to the problems in Africa is to export capitalism to Africa.

However, the ONE Campaign isn’t promoting the right solution. The ONE Campaign wants to export the cause of Africa’s problems to the rest of the world. They think the solution to the problems in Africa is for other governments to start stealing more personal possessions through the coercion and rule of law in order to fund relief and debt reduction for African countries. It won’t work. The ONE Campaign solution will only increase poverty in the rest of the world and do nothing to help Africa solve their problems.

Americans have proven time and time again that the solution to poverty is the freedom for people to keep, give, or trade what they produce. Westerners have proven time and time again that one spouse is the solution to societal instability. Why oh why are we still having these arguments?


Teresa said...

Through all of your posts David, as well as information that I've seen and heard, it seems to me that the problems in Africa are huge and Africa itself is huge. Something that big is a God sized task. Someone once reminded me that God created the world in 7 days, who knows how far the universe goes and we have not much of a clue about how ominous Heaven is. It is more than our punny minds can concive! So, to my point, Africa is something that we need to pray about tackling one day at a time and then pray for God to do God sized things through us! God is the only one to fix it--we can to nothing without Him and it seems to me that the biggest thing that they need is Him! Can you imagine what would happen if key leaders would accept Christ? Pray for that. And then it sounds to me, David, like God has called you to Africa?

David M. Smith said...

Hi Teresa,

I think I addressed most of your comment in my post today. The one thing I didn’t address is what you wrote about African leaders accepting Christ. Of course I believe Africa would improve if more of the leaders and more of the citizens accepted Christ and submitted to the authority of God. However, there are many Americans who have accepted Christ, including some leaders who are very influential, and who are still advocating the wrong human solution to the problems in Africa. Accepting Christ solves our spiritual problem, which is our primary eternal problem, but accepting Christ doesn’t give us wisdom in all matters. Too many Christians are being unwise in regards to Africa.

I would love a call to Africa. Now there is something to pray about.

Buz said...


For some reason, most look at Africa as a primative country ... where we came from, only they never achieved what we have. The truth is that it is not where we have been but where we are heading. Africa is 1500 to 2000 years ahead of us on a social scale.

Remember, they had built the pyramids and were trading on the Nile when your ancestors were still using sticks to chase away wolves.

This is the ultimate end when everyone is free to do as he/she sees fit. Short term wages of sin are war-lords, terrorism, and corrupt governments. I don't think it is that far of a step from street gangs terrorizing neighborhoods to warlords ruling villages.


David M. Smith said...

Hi Buz,

Welcome back! : -)

Very interesting comment. What you wrote is very true. However, I hope that what you wrote is wrong. Time will tell. I’m keeping my finger in the dike and I’m trying to trying to improve society, but there is a strong current that makes doing both very difficult.

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