Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Why One Percent?

Sometimes in life we feel compelled to get involved and help out an important cause. Sometimes in life, we need to take baby steps in the right direction, trusting God, even when we haven’t resolved all of the problems or issues that could arise from our actions. Sometimes in life, it is better to do nothing than it is to do something when the something that we do ends up making matters worse.

Every computer programmer knows that we don’t start out by writing a complete application. We start out by designing a prototype. Then we code and test, one method, and one procedure, and one routine at a time. We make sure the parts of our prototype have each been proven to work before we combine them to produce the prototype. Once the prototype is completely coded, we test it by using very specific sets of test data, not an entire universe of data. If, and only if, the prototype works exactly like it was imagined and designed, do we move on to the actual computer application. The application then goes through the same process as the prototype, with even more pieces and more testing before it is ever used on real data.

The promoters of The ONE Campaign | Why One Percent? are asking Americans to fork over a very huge amount of personal and national resources even before they have designed and proven a prototype is working. There never has been a computer program or anything else that works solely based on good intentions. The ONE Campaign won’t either. Let’s make sure it is working on a small scale before we make matters worse.


Steve said...


I appreciate your thoughts. While I agree with your prototype argument, and I share some of your concerns, I balance this against a voice I hear ringing in my ear,"... whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

I am supporting the One Campaign not because I think it is perfect, but because it is a step in the right direction. And if this effort can be done without the involvement of the UN, then I am REALLY for it.

Bonnie said...

Hi David,

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