Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Soooo Fast

When my girls were very young, everyone would tell us, "they grow up so fast". I usually responded by saying, "I know", while at the same time I was hoping there would someday come a day when I didn't have to change a diaper. That day has long since passed and now I'm hoping for the day when I can go to bed without having to tuck them in first. At the same time, I wish they weren't growing up so fast.

Even though my girls are younger than his, Steve at Thy Grace is Sufficient expresses how I am feeling some of the time better than I ever could. I'm sure my sadness will get even worse as they get older. They really do grow up toooo fast.


Steve said...


Thanks...and grace for the journey to you. Hey, sign up for GodBlogCon!

Teresa said...

I still lay in bed with each of my kids, 2, 8, and 10 for a few minutes each night. Some would ask, can't they go to bed on their own now? Sure they can, but that is our connecting time, special times when they give me little insights into their lives. We pray or talk or whatever. I don't ever want to give that up! Oh, I grew up in So Pas, in Steve's area and went to school at Morango Elementary 29 years ago--now I feel old--they DO grow up fast--I did and now I have a 19 year old who I just got back from taking to urgent care with a 104 degree temp. My husband thinks I baby him--he'll always be my baby and that's just fine with me.