Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Business Matters

Dan at Cerulean Sanctum has been posting a series on "The Christian and The Business World" since June 7th. At this point, most of the material in his series has been his observations of the current business climate in America with a sprinkling of analysis and hints at the conclusions he will be drawing towards the end of his series. His observations have been very thorough. I think he has described an accurate and fair depiction of business in America circa 2005. His writing is slightly biased from the perspective of the employee, which is acceptable since most of us are employees, but it could use just a little more balance. I was hoping he would have more to say about the Church, but maybe he is still establishing the environment that the Church is a part of before he moves on.

I think Dan is writing about a very important topic for Christians in America. Our family, church, and work life are intertwined in such a way that what happens to one can’t help but effect the other two. Way too many churches define success in the same way and use the same terms and are run by the same people who are in charge of business in America. Perhaps some of this thinking and control needs to be analyzed and changed. I hope Dan’s series is a seed that starts the process.

Since Dan is now moving towards more analysis in his series, I’m sensing I may not agree with all of his conclusions. So, over the next few weeks, I plan on posting some of my own analysis and conclusions. I appreciate all of the thought Dan has put into his series so far and I hope he doesn’t mind if I piggyback and occasionally disagree.


Teresa said...

I read it and it was very good--lots to think about it--looks like more is coming about the church. I'm glad to see you posting on something else. I have a heart for all peoples, not just Africa and I was wondering if you were becoming an African blog LOL--just like I get labled the anti-church blog (by some). I missed you David--welcome back :)

David M. Smith said...

Hi Teresa,

The ONE Campaign really &*^^#! me off. I’m going to keep an eye on the socialists who never give up, but I also have other things to write about. Economics, and business, and leadership, and ethics are matters I know a thing or two about and would like to give a shot at explaining.

Teresa said...

We're listening :)

Dan Edelen said...


Sorry I am so late to this, but thank you for the link and for the nice things you said about the business series. I hope you read the July 4th post, too, since it continues (to some extent) the business series, even though I officially concluded it.