Friday, April 01, 2005

Kissing Rules

My daughters have agreed with us on a set of criteria for them and a boyfriend before they can kiss each other. Here are our seven rules:

  1. The boyfriend needs to meet Lisa and me.
  2. My daughter needs to meet the boyfriend’s parents.
  3. The boyfriend needs to believe in God.
  4. The boyfriend needs to be honest.
  5. The boyfriend needs to be kind.
  6. The boyfriend needs to try hard at school work.
  7. If the boyfriend has a driver’s license, he needs to be a safe driver.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if they remember and hold onto those criteria. Good thing to have some focus, rather than just counting on the hormones.

Buz said...

Sorry, no sage advice here, I have sons not daughters. However, if I had daughters, I might consider adding "blood test" to that list ... (-;


Derek Simmons said...

I like your rules and the fact that your daughters do too.
In raising two girls--now married to wonderful Christian men--I also had another rule. Mostly for myself. I always kept an aluminum baseball bat in the umbrella stand by the front door and managed to work that fact into the initial conversation I had with the young men who darkened our doorstep during the dating process. This was a back up to the type of rules you and your girls have sagely adopted.

Hammertime said...

My wife and I did not kiss until we were married.

Would you like to try to have a shot at explaining why that isn't a reasonable rule, and even more, why it's not better?

I know it sounds crazy to most people. My buddy Mark and his wife Maria did the same thing two years after we did. I'll be posting the details on my site very soon, so you can wait until then to see my self-analysis, if you like!

Teresa said...

We have 3 boys and only one daughter, so she is my husband's princess. He says standing at the front door with a gun works well too. She's only 2, so maybe he'll lighten up, but I don't know about her 3 older brothers.