Friday, February 11, 2005

VIEW FROM THE PEW: Where We Are At (Part 2) and What to do Now

Almost all Christian churches today either follow contemporary culture at a considerable distance or they staunchly oppose contemporary culture. It is difficult to lead and influence society by playing catch up or by opposing contemporary trends. It is impossible to lead and influence society when the church has fallen 50 years behind.

In order for the Christian church to return to the influence it had in 1950, it must abandon the methods it used in 1950 and develop new methods that are appropriate for the present time. Even better, churches should start developing methods that would be appropriate for ten years from now. In order for the Christian church to start to lead and influence again it must have a vision for where it is headed and a plan to get there. The willingness to change, and the determination to succeed, will determine how much influence the church has in the twenty-first century.

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