Monday, February 14, 2005

VIEW FROM THE PEW: Bring a Friend to Church

It is rare to visit a small church that is not having a “Bring a Friend to Church” event in the near future. The pastor will usually include a section in his sermon on personal evangelism and then finish his message by reminding the church about the upcoming event. He will also let everyone in attendance know how important it is for each of them to be out inviting people they know to come to church. Even though past events have had poor results, almost everyone in leadership acts like this is the one event that will actually start to grow their church.

Unfortunately, very few members of any church, often including the pastor, actually believe these upcoming events will change anything. They have all participated in enough “Bring a Friend to Church” Sundays to know that these events rarely have any long-lasting effect on church attendance. Quite frankly, these events may be the very reason the church is not growing. Rather than evaluate the success of their attitudes and methods concerning church growth, church leaders continue to place the blame on everything except their own wrong assumptions.

Later this week, I will be writing about why these events don't work.

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Jennifer said...

This is all so true! I grew up in one of those churches, and my heart aches every time I think about the friends I invited for all the wrong reasons. I hope God has sent someone else their way to show them the true gospel.