Monday, February 21, 2005

VFTP: Stained-Glass Preacher

I have a variety of methods I use to evaluate the character of the people I associate with. I like to observe how people treat strangers. I figure that if someone is honest, respectful, and kind, to someone they have never met or someone they don‘t need, then I can trust them to be the same with my family and others. I also listen [or read] to see if someone is critical of themselves and the organization they identify with the most. I know that people who criticize their own are trustworthy.

Yesterday, I listened to a young Pastor give a very good sermon. He started the sermon by using his earlier life as a Christian as an illustration of how not to behave. Then he went on to criticize the behavior of some of the Churches and members of his own denomination. As he spoke, the Southern California storm broke, the sun came shining through the stain glass windows, and even more importantly, the Son came shining through his words. It was an important reminder for me, and I think others who have been around the block a few times, to get out of the way by minimizing our accomplishments and maximizing our Lords accomplishment.

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