Friday, February 11, 2005

Valentines Day

All week long I've wanted to write something meaningful about Valentines Day. The words to describe how I feel about Valentines Day are turning out to be just as elusive as my feelings and my sense of inadequacy to properly honor my wife. I've always hoped that it would get easier as I got older. It hasn't.

However, Phil at Another Man's Meat gives me a new sense of hope with the way he honored his wife in Oops!

"As I sit here now I’m again seeing how right Paul was. I’m not married to an illusion; I’m married to Nancy Catron, a real living person who has ups and downs, hopes, dreams, moods, faith, doubt, anger, joy, sadness. She’s a complete person. And Nancy sees the same in me. Living life as an illusion would never have sustained us. That’s not the stuff love is made of. If it was all an illusion it would have broken long ago. But, thankfully, God put us together to shatter illusions and in so doing He strengthened the love between us.

Ah, yes…..Ain’t love grand! Beyond anything else, the flowers and the gifts, it’s the one thing that sustains us. I used to hear when I was young that love is for fools and that love doesn’t pay the bills. I sit here and realize how wrong those who said those things were. Love is indeed grand!"

Thanks Phil!

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Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist said...


Thank for your kind words

Blessing to you and your wife.