Friday, February 04, 2005

Nuthin on But the Radio and Computer (KZLA and Bloggin)

20 years ago, I started listening to talk radio, instead of music radio. 15 years ago, I started listening to political talk radio, instead of regular talk radio. 10 years ago, I started browsing the internet for even more news and information. Sometimes, I feel like an information shark; I need fresh information flowing over my gills. I have a constant desire that never gets satiated for information. The price for succumbing to my information addiction has been fewer and shallower relationships.

Lately, I’ve been listening to 93.9 KZLA in Los Angeles more and more and I find myself smiling more and more. KZLA claims to be the worlds most listened to Country/Western radio station. After growing up in Arkansas, I’m a little sensitive to being labeled a hick, but I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. The breadth and depth of the lyrics really surprises me and the songs are quite a joy to hear. References to faith, and family, and goodness are quite common in many of the songs. There is also a seedy side to some of the songs, but even the naughty ones make me smile and seem to improve my attitude.

Lately, I’ve also had a little more time to roam the blogshere and post a comment or two. I’ve found that there are a few, and probably many more, like me. My roaming and country/western smiling has given me a new desire to worship God and honor God by being a less informed, but a better, husband, father, and friend.

God bless Nashville and God bless all of you who are participating in our electronic community. I pray that your family and friends are also rewarded.

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