Monday, February 07, 2005

The Learning Curve

I must have hit thousands of plastic golf balls as a youngster when I was growing up before I ever stepped foot on a real golf course. Actually, where I grew up, a real golf course was not a REAL golf course, but the pasture my friends and I ended up playing in did have tee boxes and green areas with holes and flags so it was kind of like a real golf course. The greens were a Bermuda, crab grass, & dandelion combination; not exactly Scott’s premium blend. I loved golf then and I love golf now. However, I never really learned how to play golf until I started playing with golfers who took the game serious. My love for golf wasn’t enough for me to learn the game, I needed to compete and play by all of the rules before I began to understand the swing mechanics and emotional control required to improve my score.

Blogging is my attempt to learn the game of inspiration and persuasion through written communication. For way too long I’ve had ideas swimming in my head that have not seen the light of day in order to be challenged and then improved. It’s not enough for me to love the blogsphere; I need to get beat around some in order to learn the word mechanics and emotional maturity required to improve my writing. All criticism offered to me on any of my posts is very much appreciated.

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