Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Example Driven Discipleship

I have always believed that the best leaders lead by example. As a night crew manager at KFC, a Marine Corp Sergeant, an Operations Manager, and a Project Leader, I have always looked for opportunities to lead by example. Sometime leading by example is as simple as taking out someone else’s trash when they are busy with something else. Most of the time though, leading by example means working harder, working longer, and working smarter than anyone in your organizational sphere.

I don’t see very many leaders leading by example anymore. Managers seem to want to plan and direct, but not get their hands dirty. Politicians pass laws that exempt legislators. Pastors like preaching more than doing.

Brad Hightower, at 21st Century Reformation, has a few recent posts on what I would consider “Example Driven Discipleship.” I can’t link to a specific post since they have moved to archives, but look in his January Archives for ‘Come and Follow Me - Discipleship in the Footsteps of Jesus‘ and ‘Hospitality and Our Understanding of Church’.

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