Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Attitude Principle When Discussing Truth

Pastor Mark D. Roberts in his "A Rolling Stone Gathers No . . . Bible?" series makes a great point in this post about how important it is for Christians to remain humble about our own understanding of "the truth" when discussing "Gods truth."

"Should Christians stop talking this way in order to stop putting people off? I don’t think so. As you may know, I wrote a whole book on the need for truthfulness: Dare to Be True. So I’m rather heavily invested in truth-telling. But, as I explain at length in the book, we Christians often shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to this conversation. We think that because there is absolute truth, we must ourselves have full grasp of this truth, and nobody else has any of it. Both of these claims are indefensible from Scripture. Moreover, sometimes we Christians back up our claim to have absolute truth with a fine display arrogance. In fact, as I explain in Dare to Be True, a strong belief in absolute truth actually calls forth just the opposite. It demands humility, not haughtiness."

I might add that it is just as important to remember this principle when discussing truths other than "Gods Truth"; like, maybe, politics!

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